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About us

Trolley Bags were established in 2010 by the Irish creator Paul Doyle. Paul initially rose to fame with Trolley Bags when he presented on the Irish version of the BBC’s Dragon’s Den program – A program running for many years where inventors present a products to potential investors. Paul got full marks for his efforts and was offered funding and hasn’t looked back since. Paul passionately believed a better solution existed for the shopping experience. Like most passionate inventors, Paul put many years into developing the Trolley Bag concept and design. Given that Ireland was one of the first countries in the world to introduce the plastic bag tax in 2002, Trolley Bags were in some ways an invention that had to happen in Ireland first. The Irish have some understanding of the challenges faced by the everyday shop given they have been living with a plastic bag tax for well over a decade. Trolley Bags 4 colour coded reusable bag system, through their patented system and collaboration with other leading packaging experts, have driven change in the reusable bag market not just in Ireland, but now in the UK and Australia too. Trolley Bags use the highest quality and expertise of manufacturing facilities to produce this unique Irish designed product. It’s Paul’s new approach to making ‘reusable more usable’ that makes them unique.