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Plastic Bags are Cheap Convenient but What are Your Alternatives

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Plastic Bags are Cheap Convenient but What are Your Alternatives

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Convenience of Plastic Bags for Consumers and Shop Owners

Environmentalists are clamoring for an all-out ban on using plastic bags in groceries and shopping centers because of their negative impact on our environment. However, we cannot deny the fact that plastic bags have made it easier and more convenient for us to do our shopping.

Why Is It Convenient to Use Plastic Bags for Consumers?

More and more cities around the world are banning or dissuading people from using plastic bags. This is an ongoing effort to solve the problem of pollution and waste management. However, billions of plastic bags are still produced because many people still prefer using plastic bags for carrying the items they purchase. Consumers like using plastic bags because they are more durable than using paper bags. They don’t easily tear when carrying heavy items, unlike paper bags, which are limited to carrying only lighter items. Plastic bags are also waterproof have no limitation, even when it is raining.

Plastic Bags are Still Preferred by Shop and Grocery Owners

Since plastic bags are so cheap to manufacture, shops and malls are offering them to shoppers for free.

Plastic bags are always the first choice by shop owners because they are cheap. Paper and cloth bags cost much more, which can be very expensive for small entrepreneurs and shop owners.

Cashiers and baggers prefer plastic bags because they can open and pack the items much faster. They also do not take up too much storage space and are lighter, which makes them more convenient to use. Cloth and paper bags are thicker and take up a lot of space in grocery counters.

A New Reusable Bag That Has the Convenience of the Usual Plastic Bags

So while using plastic bags may be cheaper and more convenient, is it really worth the negative impact it is having on our world? It’s time for us to have another option… And that’s where Trolley Bags step in.

With Trolley Bags, there is now a new reusable bag that is innovative, simple to use and makes your grocery shopping so much easier and fun (if that’s even possible). This is not only good for the environment since it is reusable, but it makes your shopping experience more convenient and efficient.

Make the switch from plastic bags and use the all-new reusable option - Trolley Bags. You can check them out at www.packingsorted.com.au