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The Story of Trolley Bags

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The Story of Trolley Bags

Friday, June 19, 2015

As with most great innovations, the story behind trolley bags is also quite an interesting one. It all started off in the year 2010, with founder Paul Doyle needing to make repeated supermarket visits due to his wife’s pregnancy. New around the setting of a supermarket, Paul’s keen eye soon started picking up on the norms in place. While everything was seemingly in place, one fact kept pricking on Paul’s mind.

This uneasiness in Paul’s mind arose with him noticing a terrible overuse of plastic bags. There were scores of empty bags lined up at counters and people would be handed these out incessantly. Yes, even people buying only one or two items would be handed a plastic bag at the checkout counter.

Now, Paul could clearly see how easy it was for plastic bags to pile up in homes and eventually end up in landfills. The problem here was that plastic bags offer convenience like no other item. They can be cheaply produced, they are strong and lightweight and they offer unmatched convenience to a customer to carry goods.

With the world already having made several attempts at doing away with plastic bags unsuccessfully, Paul decided to put forward his humble contribution. Having conducted research over how customers require convenience at a supermarket, Paul realized the basics behind a simple invention, the trolley. Trolleys are quite underrated an invention actually, given that they find use across many different areas.

Paul decided to make use of trolleys and added reusable bags to them, creating the world’s first Trolley Bag. A seemingly simple and straightforward solution, Trolley Bags can actually prove to be more useful and convenient than one may think. Trolley Bags not only allow customers to conveniently carry out their shopping, there are also no issues related to disposal or recycling of bags.

Trolley Bags have worked out simply because Paul has recognized the core problem to the misuse of plastic bags – the fact that people do not remember to reuse them, no matter how hard they try. Abolishing plastics and making use of recyclable bags have been used as solutions, but when it comes to reusing a bag, people typically tend to forget doing so.

Paul’s Trolley Bags have pre attached reusable bags, which never get off a trolley. Customers can conveniently segregate their shopping and have it checked out easily. Once the items are dropped off at the car, the Trolley Bags can be reused by another customer, eliminating both plastic bags as well as paper bags out of the equation.

With Paul’s pitch for Trolley Bags being accepted by investors on the Irish version of Shark Tank (Dragon’s Den), he was offered funding for his efforts and today, Trolley Bags are in existence across many supermarkets in Australia and UK. An extremely innovative solution, Trolley Bags will soon make their way to most worldwide supermarkets.