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Trolley Bags

The Story of Trolley Bags

As with most great innovations, the story behind trolley bags is also quite an interesting one. It all started off in the year 2010, with founder Paul Doyle needing to make repeated supermarket visits due to his wife’s pregnancy. New around the setting of a supermarket, Paul’s keen eye soon started picking up on the norms in place. While everything was seemingly in place, one fact kept pricking on Paul’s mind.


How do plastic bags impact our environment?

Plastic Bags and Its Impact in Our Environment

Plastic bags are one of the most common items we see when we go shopping or buy food at the supermarket. It seems like we almost cannot live without them. They are convenient to use, lightweight and can easily be disposed of or reused. However, we all know that plastic bags have an extremely negative impact on our environment.


Plastic Bags are Cheap Convenient but What are Your Alternatives

The Convenience of Plastic Bags for Consumers and Shop Owners

Environmentalists are clamoring for an all-out ban on using plastic bags in groceries and shopping centers because of their negative impact on our environment. However, we cannot deny the fact that plastic bags have made it easier and more convenient for us to do our shopping.

Why Is It Convenient to Use Plastic Bags for Consumers?